Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Bear

Yesterday Julian came home and we are all so happy to see him.  My baby needs a makeover.  He has one pair of shoes worn almost all the way through.  He has almost no clothes and he is tall.  He needs a haircut.  He has learned to ask for so little and it breaks my heart.  I have been so wrapped up in the little ones that I forgot how much my big boy needs me.  So I have given some thought to where he is in life and how I might move him forward. 'sigh'

He wants tatoos, he wants a haircut called a padawan.  We laugh but I worry.  I told him that he could get the padawan once he got his Jedi powers and the tatoo would have to be chosen by me as well as the location.  He wants a phrase accross his chest.  There is a lot of wisdom that I wouldn't mind becoming a part of him but 'sigh' he needs so much...

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