Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Lesson

I am reading a book on time management.  I really don't like the style but I am working through it because it still has useful information.  Today's chapter was about the importance of lists, both as reminders and to prioritize.  Another thing that I took away was the importance of posting your main goals around in order to remain focused on them.  I read my chapter (It's like homework!) and made my signs to post around my home listing the things that I must do daily.  I have to say that I rather enjoyed the task.  I also made reminders for the kids.  I had small stick up chalkboards around the house but they kept getting erased and the children would beg to draw on them.  

Because the book on time management, or rather, acquiring some time management skills is so important to my life I will read the book at the rate of a chapter a day until I am finished with it. 

Aside from the reading, my day wasn't so useful but it was, however, enjoyed.

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