Saturday, September 1, 2012

le weekend

Sitting in Starbucks waiting for my Ike.  He is working and I am happy for him.  He is working so hard that it worries me.  I am worried about how we are going to get the little one to his awesome school in three weeks but we will work it out.

My J is home and it is so nice to see him but the idea that he can think there is nothing to do when he hasn't planned the next step in his life is just amazing.  He has played video games for most of the day and I have yelled at my children about the fact that I have to beg them to help me with the housework.  I didn't want to drive Ike to the mall but realized that it would be an opportunity for me to get something done.

I read the lecture for class this week and started to type my response.  When I deleted it by accident I decided to work from home later but I have at least had time to do some reading and form my response.

I haven't been people watching in a while and it is nice to sit and watch people.  It just makes you feel silly for beating yourself up trying to be perfect, or perceived as perfect - ish.  You learn from watching people.  You vow to be a better parent and get ideas and encouragement in the world classroom.

I don't have time to reflect these days, to sit and write and think back and ahead.  These days life is full of musts.

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