Monday, December 31, 2012

I Hereby Resolve - 2013


Our - as in the Mommies of the world, givers and sustain-ers of life and those who have given to and sustained us. I will live this year with all my heart. To us!

I enter this year ready.  I am on the starting block.  I have a vision.  I am inspired.  Possibility is within my reach and my goal this year is to put it within reach of many.  I pray for focus and endurance when times are hard.  I pray that when times are good I remember the suffering enough to keep the passion for my cause.  I pray for laughter enough to share.

1.  I resolve to be kind.

2.  I resolve to take one step every day in the direction of my goals... no matter how small.
3.  I resolve to accentuate the positive.  To write down what is right about every difficult situation.
4.  I resolve to work out EVERY day...even if it is simply tightening my stomach muscles while I drive.
5.  I resolve to eat a healthy diet.


6.  I resolve to measure my words.
In the words of Shakespeare, to give every man my ear but few my voice.  I have seen and felt how words hurt or heal. I respect the power of words and hope to always use them wisely.

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7.  I resolve to love.

This year I have learned that I need to love.  The simple act of caring about another human being and easing their suffering in some way completes me.   I have always loved in the way that we all do, but someone stepped into my life this year and awakened in me a desire to share the love of poets.  That love for which the word itself is insufficient, which one must describe using sunrises, sunsets, volcanoes and other things that evoke intense emotion.

8.  I resolve to be grateful.
     My children and I have so much to be grateful for.  I hate Decembers because my finances are usually low and I can't do Christmas in the way that I would like to but I am always shown such incredible love.  In December I am reminded that I am not alone.  My family is different - I think but they are fabulous.  I couldn't ask for better.

9.  I resolve to create.
     As the healing continues and I find that I am not permanently broken, I realize that I have talents and skills that are unique to me.  I doubt myself less and less and I begin to put things together in ways that at least I find beautiful.  Few things are more gratifying.

Source: via adela on Pinterest

10.  I resolve to forgive.
       I remember thinking that I would never forgive him for his selfishness.  It was only after some healing that I could see how selfish and masochistic even that was.  It was hurting me to hurt him except that I was the only person who could feel it.  Do I wish him well?  Maybe in 2014 ;-)

11. I resolve to meditate on good things/I resolve to pray.
12. I resolve to dream.
13. I resolve to reflect daily.
14. I resolve to work hard.

  I resolve to BELIEVE.

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