Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me

I am selfish.  I walked out of my home this morning thinking about others.  It is the season for giving. I parked outside of Barnes & Noble.  Knowing me as I do I should have kept driving but I told myself that a book is what you get the person who doesn't need anything.

Now I should mention that my relationship with bookstores is almost sensual.  I like the feel of books and the  smell of books.  I like to read the titles of books I have no business reading.  I like to browse the "Sex & Sensuality" section, knowing that I can only live vicariously there.  I love the "Self Help" section and the journals with pictures of Paris and Venice and the leather bound ones with the odd type face that gives it such a nice texture.... I like the magazines and the "Humor" section where I try not to laugh like an insane woman...

When I step into a bookstore I have that feeling of being everywhere.  I pick up a book called "Naked" by David Sedaris. I read 1...2 pages ... I check the price which convinces me to put it down.  I bring my intended recipients back to the forefront of my mind and again begin to wander... stuff (Christmas trash) I grab some magazines for the kids... I get a latté and browse a bit more Heaven, I'm in Heaven ...  A naughty board game makes me think of a friend who can turn anything into a conversation about sex.  At his level it really is a talent.  I text him a pic telling him that I don't think anyone could beat him at that game.  I get back a smh?  I smile.  I look at a puzzle game ... it would look nice on a shelf but would it get played?  I wandered and wandered.  I found a couple of things that I would like.   I hope they do I really enjoyed purchasing them.

I picked out no fewer than 10 books that I would buy if I had the means but instead I took pictures of the covers so I can find them online or use coupons to purchase them later.

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