Monday, May 26, 2014

Finding My Center

After a rough week at work I am again centered.  It was not a good week but the good thing about that is I always find myself in those times.  I remember what it is that I really want, what it is that I am working toward.

I need to make life more about finding myself and letting my true colours shine..

If I am ever to truly live it will be about seizing the success of each moment and letting go of the failures of the past.  It will be in deciding each day to make that day great.  It will be in finding laughter and opening up.  It will be about forgiving again if the anger creeps back in but I must be assertive and with a smile make it clear that I do not accept their negativity.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No More!


What is it about me that makes women want to sharpen their nails on me?  I have been a coward and necessarily so, but no more.  I'm standing up and I am speaking back.  I will not share in the complaints of my peers but if one more person throws shit at me they better duck; it's coming back.  I've been trying to like people who are unkind and duplicitous.  I am not trying to do that anymore.  I need to repay some faux kindness and then embrace distance. If I am to be successful I cannot accept the negative energy.  I was fighting myself daily to be kind when it was based on falsehood.  I heard it in the voice of one of my peers when I said that I had decided to like her.  It was a sarcastic, "Aren't you the better person."  Yeah, let's just go for better off - without the toxic relationship. I reclaim the right to call bullshit.  But I will not seek a fight.