Monday, December 29, 2014

What's Next....

I've decided to start my website and am struggling to determine what exactly I want to begin with.  What I want it to become is much clearer to me but I am not able to make that happen immediately.  If I begin SOMETHING, however, it can grow.  I have had the domain for over a year and done nothing with it.  I think the site will...

  • ...focus me
  • ...hold me accountable 
  • ...give me some sense of purpose when things get really tough.  One of the hardest things I face is that life loses meaning.  It is just a series of failures as I try to ration my energies and invest them in some kind of success.  
  • give me an opportunity to sharpen my writing skills
I pray the site will give someone hope and will to push for something more, something better.
I am full of ideas.  These ideas come to me and I write them down but haven't figured how to get off of the tredmill long enough to accomplish them.  I often feel that my job is only to power the machine and it saddens me.