Sunday, May 31, 2015


How do I ensure the success of all of my children when they seem so determined to fail?

Writing to write

Today I write an entry just to get me writing again.  I am trying to clean up the clutter so that I can dream again.  It is simply a matter of not getting upset when kids are kids and everything they touch breaks making me feel like I work to pay for repairs and rent and that that is the only purpose my life seems to have these day.  Since I rented from an owner again I also pay for things that precede me like the repair of running toilets and the ensuing water bill.  'sigh'

I have been dreaming quite a bit.  It is my dream to take a cross country road trip with the kids.  I have no idea how I'll finance such a dream but I fully intend to.  I am already beginning to put this year (my life happens in academic years) behind me and plan for a better year next year.

For right now I still talk (write)  to me so that I can put it all in order... perhaps one day I'll truly have something to share.