Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear Jonas,

Dear Snowstorm Jonas,

Thank you for your visit, we have enjoyed it immensely.  The kids went out and played for hours "cleaning" off my car and playing with the neighbor's children, happy that their feet were the first to touch the snow in the backyard.

I am grateful also.  The visit has given me time to sit and simply be.  I have sat and stood in the window drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate just being.  I am also grateful for some practical consequences.

I haven't taken the car out since Friday morning, THAT translates to savings on gas.  I wasn't sure if I still had money for both gas and lunches for the kids.  It will be more of a blessing if they (we) can get the next few days off.  I can see an argument for it in the weather report.

Watching it snow makes me feel so at peace.  Today I will attempt to get back to work doing the many things I've been needing to do for work.  I will have to reschedule my student's testing and grade some things.  I will also need to put in grades and do an online training that I have not really been looking forward to.  I don't feel rushed or overwhelmed and that's truly special.

I haven't read to the children in a few days and it will be nice to read to them again today.

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