Sunday, February 21, 2016


In an effort to build something at the top of my hill and not simply keep rolling the stone up the hill supplying energy to fuel someone else's machine I decided to look at car loans.  I would LOVE to be out from under mine.  I spend most of my life without money because my checks are direct deposited and I have automated the payment of my bills so the money flows out moments after it has come in and I am as I was before - broke.

One of the things that I see is that it is perfectly legal to take advantage of the ignorance or poverty of a buyer who needs financing and I have been on the wrong side of that transaction too many times.  I am giving myself limits.  My semi-smart phone will have to be enough for an additional 5 years.  My car needs to be paid off!!  I refinanced it and WISH I had been able to keep up the other payments.  I was paying $445 on an $11,000 car.  I had to refinance as it was bit difficult keeping food in the house.  I'm really trying to get to a better place financially but it's not looking good.  I am a cog in the wheel of a system that is built to benefit someone else at my expense refusing to play would mean not being able to get to work or own a semi-reliable vehicle.

Earlier I just do a search to see what I can find about principal payments and I pull up this site:

What I see is that I am not alone.  Few really know how to get the best of auto loan agreement.  I am paying to much more than my car is worth and money has special value to me because I have none.  I tell sales people that what they are asking of me is like knocking on my door and asking me for a million dollars - because I might have $20 in the bank at any given time.

I wish there were a platform that customers could use to hold businesses accountable.  A platform that would expose the faux customer service that we are all getting these days and the shameless exploitation of need in the market. Until then, I'll vent here and just try to make it to the next check and to the next.  I show up for work to pay rent and survive with little room for hopes and dreams and plans... but I'm thinking.

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