Thursday, July 28, 2016


The kids are asleep and I am up reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers it is an amazing look at circumstance, timing, culture ... well, all of the things that play into one's success.  At moments empowering and at others discouraging as it makes one feel victim of all of the circumstances that surround you.  I am redirected to motherhood and the importance of that gargantuan responsibility.

Mentally, I'm getting ready to begin the school year when I haven't even completed my summer work list.  I have to focus on food this year.  There were hungry times last year.  Two of my children are away right now and I am seeing what my little ones can eat when there is plenty.  I don't know how I am going to do this. I have to rework the shopping list and keep cooked food in the house.  Rice was a lifesaver for us before I learned about it containing toxins from the soil.  We were just consuming too much of it to be safe so I cut back the problem is that there is then nothing to fill them up on, not for the price.

For the little ones they are going to take leftovers for lunch this year.  The challenge there is going to be to have anything left.  I need to start cooking for an army.  My kids tend to finish off the food and still claim to be hungry.  In an attempt to streamline the budget I am consciously committing myself to avoiding small purchases.  I will keep my lunch schedule the same.  I have something to eat for breakfast, a handful of nuts for lunch and a protein drink and then I cook dinner as soon as I get into the house.  There is a shortage of both time and money.  Cooking dinner, preparing lunches, cleaning, doing laundry, preparing lesson plans, grading and overall just keeping life organized and balanced is tough to say the least.

The kids are waking up... I need to make my todo list.

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