Thursday, July 28, 2016


This year I'm taking a vow of poverty.  I usually fight it and rob Peter to pay Paul to eek out some kind of reward for my work as I go along.  This year I won't try to do that.  This year I will work completely within my means with the focus of getting out of debt.  I will work on the food problem.  This is not going to be easy.  My phone is not doing well and seems to be out of memory no matter how much I delete. In order to help me I am unsubscribing from all of the bargain emails that I get.  I didn't read most of them but I also didn't realize how many I was subscribed to.  I will also need to stock up on our necessities because hard times are to come.

Between September and January things get more and more difficult.  The seasons change and the kids need clothes for the colder weather.  I start to feel a bit run down and it is difficult for me to keep my spirits up.  For the remainder of the school year it's up and down but we survive.  I usually set some goal for the end of the year so that I can keep my head up and trudge through. I have already decided on 3 possible goals for the end of this school year in addition to the professional goal of completing my next certification.

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