Monday, July 10, 2017

Breathing Exercises

Today's disappointment is in the business that I trusted to evaluate my international credits.  It would seem that they are unscrupulous.  I had two peers who did the same program and they received more credit than I did.  I have to rest up and save up for the fight.

I think I've been walking in a certain direction because doors have been opening but maybe it's time for a change.  I need to get through this next month and then rethink some things.

So, I left my children to study for two summers in Spain thinking that it was going to translate to a raise for me and it only worked out that way for my peers.  They gave me about half the credits and refused to reevaluate.  They say that I have to send my evaluation back with my peers but that could threaten their livelihood because it seems to me that this company is going to make the easiest decision.   They seem to have only looked at the website in my case when in fact they should have some way for how they evaluate my specific program as it is not the first time they have evaluated it.

I decided to look up reviews and I see so many people upset with their practices.  I guess I have to order my transcripts again and start over with a credible business.

It is so hard to keep picking myself up from these disappointments.  I can't sleep.

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