Thursday, August 10, 2017


A moment to just be...

Exhausted from hoping, I sit here on the porch and wait.  The kids sleep, thankfully.  I washed dishes and started the laundry, again.  It's cool and the breeze on my skin feels good, it's calming.  Summer dwindles and I sit in uncertainty.  There are times that I am an aggressive doer and there are times when there doesn't seem to be more to be done.  I know that it will take some effort on my part to nail down the housing situation for the school year but at this exact moment, I can do nothing about it.  

What to do today and other musings

I'll organize today. In a moment I will call and check on what R- said he contributed toward the process.  I sit here looking at the pick-up truck that belongs to someone from the construction site, a proud Va Tech alumnus.  I ponder the information we sell ourselves with, the groups we attach ourselves to.  Do we advertise so that like minded souls will seek us out?  I was in the drive through the other day and the woman in the car behind me honked and yelled out the window to let me know we were sister Bernie supporters and Dr. Who lovers.

Morning as usual

My little boy wakes up and joins me on the porch and for the moment he's quiet.  It helps that we live next to a construction site.  It hasn't been all blessings with the noise and traffic... but in this moment they seem to have his attention although the construction is almost finished.  It's relatively quiet a few people are milling about doing small tasks.

Child Support

I was waiting for a payment to use toward our home.  More than 1/3 of it was put toward administrative fees.  This is another one of those moments in which I feel that I can't win.  


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