Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday... heavy quiet.

It's a bit of a lazy day or a slow day. I got up, read Twitter for a bit, made tea, baked apples, put beans in the crockpot and thought about going to the gym.  My hair is in it's most natural state, I'm still in my jammies.  I'm finishing up my 2nd cup of coffee.  I'm confident that the strength to finish the laundry is somewhere near the bottom and with any luck there will be some strength to go to the gym in there too.

I'm in that space between paychecks in which I need to count my pennies to see how much lunch and dinner, in that order, I will be able to afford for the week.  Oh, and a tank of gas is also a necessity lest my house of cards plunge. It is a beans week, bean soup, beans and rice, all kinds of beans.

I took a good look at the bills and am trying to come up with a plan for the next year.  Right now it's not looking so good but my people here deserve more opportunity.  I will find a way.   I have to finish my online coursework, that will help a little bit.  I would so like to study for the pleasure of studying, but I study to earn.  I think I will make that a goal for this weekend.  At least to write all of the summaries and reflections.

I need to shift to getting out of debt again but at the same time present needs crop up.  I breathe and steel myself.  It'll be fine.  I picked out a dining room table that I would like and a painting.  I have been looking at tables since before I closed on the house and none of them really spoke to me.  I love this table and I cannot afford it but I will not settle.  I will wait.

I've got to pay the electric bill. It'll be fine.... bills.

My son bounces a soccer ball outside; it's nervewracking.

But behind all of the worry and scrounging for cents I feel profoundly grateful as my children play in the tree outside.

Using just a sliver of my attention to "watch" Finding Forrester with my Bo.

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