Sunday, November 19, 2017


Another weekend squandered...kind of.   I watched some episodes of The Punisher, did a lot of laundry, cooked, did dishes, went grocery shopping... and still there is so much more to do.  I haven't even located the book that I must read to meet my biggest goal this weekend.

I have eaten all manner of junk food this weekend and feel every bit of it as my cold hangs on...
I have to refocus a bit on eating and sleeping for balance. I have long considered myself a healthy eater, this week I realized that I am a healthy eater because I don't give myself other options and that if I have other options I will make bad decisions.  This week has shown me that.  It was the single cookie, the one piece of chocolate, the bacon on my salad, the food from the restaurant (too much salt!) and cumulatively I did not make good decisions.   Each one of these things seems so small but really underscore the importance of consistently good decisions.  I haven't been to the gym because I have a cold and I haven't don't what I need to do to shake the cold.  This is another of my resets.

It is so difficult to be switching gears to getting out of debt right around the holidays.  It would be easy to get them a few cheap things but I don't believe in wasting money especially money that I already owe to others.  I don't like the idea of buying things to buy things.  Things take up space and waste valuable resources.  I don't want to get anything that doesn't enrich their lives in some way.   With as little as I'm able to buy them they somehow still end up so spoiled and entitled anyway.  It's kind of an American problem, I think.   We talk about kindness a lot.  This week we'll focus on gratefulness.

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