Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lessons in Gratefulness - Plans for Change

So much of my good feeling comes from problem-solving.  I must wonder how I would feel if those problems never arose.  I'm sitting in a house that stinks and I can't find anyone to find what is in the air ducts and remove it.  I'm 0-2.  The recent wind storm blew down parts of my fence that I don't have money to get fixed.  My pool might have cracked in the freeze as the water level is stagnant even after it rains.  I still need to buy some furniture for storage... I need the duct in one of the bathrooms fixed as the concrete in it is crumbling.  I need to put up real window coverings that I now know cost a fortune... and yet I recognize each of these challenges as an opportunity for another success, another up.  ...even as I recognize, I pause as I think about selling my energy for the means to solve these probems.  It feels a bit like a trap. With only one life to live it seems such a waste to spend all of one's finite resources on this type of cycle. 

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